This is the celebration of improvisational theatre you don’t want to miss out on. For the first time, twenty of the world’s top improvisers and instructors converge in Dubai for six days of non-stop impro. Featuring intensive workshops, world-class shows, podcasts and panels, social and sightseeing activities… all in one beautiful Fringe Venue, an oasis in the Arabian desert – The Courtyard. Be there…


About The Courtyard Playhouse

The Courtyard Playhouse is first and foremost, an improv’ company comprised of individuals from an enormous variety of cultures who all share a passion for improvisational theatre.

We have our own dedicated, purpose built 58 seater auditorium, centrally located near the Mall of the Emirates and easily accessible from Sheikh Zayed Road where we hold three shows weekly and teach improv’ workshops for teens, adults and companies.

Nestled in the creative heart of Dubai, amongst galleries and cafes. The Courtyard Playhouse is the first and only dedicated improv’ theatre and KHDA licensed training centre in UAE. Home to Theatresports Dubai, we follow the Johnstonian approach to improvisation.

We are thrilled to host the iTi Conference in 2017 and launch our Impro’ Fringe: the Middle East’s first improvisation festival!

About the iTi Conference

Every two years the iTi holds an international conference where members get to meet, play and learn together. The Courtyard Playhouse is honoured to host the 2017 conference in Dubai!

The International Theatresports™ Institute (iTi) is dedicated to supporting, developing, connecting and promoting the growing community of improvisers who work with Keith Johnstone’s improvisational techniques and formats.

We love impro. We are here to help improvisors all around the world learn and understand Keith’s work and to facilitate a community that works together to challenge, grow, learn, inspire and perform together.

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