We had such an incredible time in November, welcoming the global improv community to Dubai for the 2017 ITI Conference and Dubai Impro Fringe. We would like to thank: all of our superb instructors who gave so much time and effort to make the classes the highest possible standard; our performers, for sharing their incredible talent on our stage; to the ITI Board members for their support and for giving us the opportunity to host; to our superb team at the Playhouse for giving absolutely everything to making the event a success; and of course to all of you for...
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Fun. Passion. Energy. These are words that appear time and time again when you ask people to talk about Nadine Antler. Originally from Germany, Nadine has made her mark performing and training people from all over the world in improvisational theatre and we were very lucky to have her teach our summer season workshops here at the Courtyard Playhouse in Dubai. She may be a well-known name in the improv world but Nadine’s career was almost entirely a (happy) accident. “It just happened!” she says. “Because I liked it [improv] so much I kept doing more and more, and I...
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Why Dubai?

I first saw Dubai at night. The skyline was glowing from the brightest of lights, the buildings taller than any I’d ever seen before (I was raised in a small English seaside town). I sat right up next to the window, eyes wide, staring — Dubai is not a city that does things by halves. The tallest building in the world, the biggest mall in the world, cocktails made with dehydrated gold dust… if there’s a record for something, chances are the city holds it or is in the process of trying to break it. But there’s more to Dubai...
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