How do I select and book my workshops?

There are two workshop packages available, Main Week Workshops which consist of a total of 24 hours with 2 selected instructors over a 5 day period and Weekender Workshops which consist of 2 x 3 hour workshops with various instructors.

View the workshops on offer by clicking on Schedules in the Menubar and then click on Register in the menu bar to sign up. Select your preferred pass on the checkout page, and you will then be able to make the selection of your instructors for the Main Week Workshops or Option 1, 2 or 3 for the Weekender Workshops.

What is the Fringe Pass?

The Fringe Pass gives you access to shows, panels and social events and it’s ideal if you want to come along and experience the Festival as an audience member and join in all the after-show fun! The Fringe Pass doesn’t include workshops; if you want to attend these you will need to purchase either The Weekender or The Main Week package.

What is the Main Week Package?

The Main Week Package is your ticket to a massive 24 hours of workshops. From Sunday 5th November – Friday 10th November you will be able to choose TWO of your favorite instructors and enjoy three 4-hour classes with each of them.

E.g. Patti Stiles: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Mornings 9am-1pm
Tim Orr: Tuesday, Thursday & Friday Afternoons 2pm-6pm

The Main Week Package also includes a Fringe Pass which gives you access to all the shows, panels and social events taking place throughout the week.

What is the Weekender Package?

The Weekender Package is ideal if you can’t attend the full week of the Fringe, but don’t want to miss out on some of the amazing workshops on offer. From Friday 10th November – Saturday 11th November you will be able to choose from THREE different itineraries and enjoy two 3-hour workshops per day with up to four different teachers, making a total of twelve hours of workshops over two days.

Eg. Fri 10th Nov 10am-1pm Jacob Bannigan
Fri 10th Nov 2pm-5pm Tim Orr
Sat 11th Nov 10am-1pm Tim Orr
Sat 11th Nov 2pm-5pm Dan O’Connor

The Weekend Package also includes a Fringe Pass which gives you access to all the shows, panels and social events taking place throughout the week.

I can only attend the conference for a few days, what options do I have? 

The Weekender Package, which offers workshops and activities on the 10th&11th November, is an ideal choice if your time is limited. But we advise you to look at the Main Week Package calendar too, as you may find you can choose a series of workshops from this schedule that also suits your travel plans.

If you have very specific dates, and would like assistance, please send us an email with your request and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.

My partner is joining me for the trip but won't be participating in workshops, can they just attend the shows? 

Yes, they can join us by purchasing a Fringe Pass.

I don't perform, but I am a theatre owner/administrator and want to attend panels and shows.

The Fringe Pass gives you full access to the Fringe activities, and we have a packed programme of podcasts and panels such as EXAMPLE and EXAMPLE that will be of interest and benefit to those of you who help to manage and administrate theatres and impro groups around the world.
The Fringe Pass also gives you access to all the social and guided tourist events running throughout the festival as well as an exciting and varied array of shows to watch in the evenings. We are keen to ensure the Festival is as inclusive and exciting as possible for everyone wanting to participate. If there is something you would like to see that isn’t included, please let us know and we’ll consider adding it to the programme.

My plans have changed, what is your cancellation / refund policy?

Before August 5th 2017 you will receive a 50% refund
Before October 6th 2017 you will receive 25% refund
Thereafter no refund will be available

How do I book to see a show?

Entrance is on a first come first serve basis; priority is given to people who have a Fringe Pass or a Main Week/Weekend Package.

Are shows charged separately?

No, everything is included in your package/pass

Where are the workshop and performance venues in relation to each other and the recommended hotel options?

The whole festival will take place in a self-contained venue called The Courtyard. The recommended hotel options are all a short (cheap) taxi ride away. Please see …

What language will the workshops and shows be in?

Our workshops and shows will be in English and occasionally, Gibberish.

How many performance opportunities are there and how do I get cast?

There are performance opportunities throughout the week, with shows like Maestro, Theatresports, Win or Pie and mixers, giving you plenty of chance to get involved and play. If you have a Main Week or Weekend package you’ll be able to register the day before for a show you wish to perform in; the cast will be announced on the day of the show.

We still have a few slots left for groups who wish to propose putting on a show of their own, please contact us to tell us a bit about yourself and your show if you would like to be considered.

What social activities/sightseeing activities are you offering?

Every day during the festival there will be a guided trip to different sight-seeing locations around Dubai, such as the Tallest Building in the world, The Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, or a trip to ‘Old Dubai’ to wander the Arabic souks and take a traditional Dow Cruise on Dubai Creek. We’ll also end every night with a post-show party at a chosen bar/restaurant close by to the Fringe location. Our final evening, we close the festival in the desert, where we will enjoy a BBQ, traditional belly dancers and Camel rides. You can access our social schedule here>>

There are lots of other exciting things to do in Dubai, all detailed in your welcome packs, and there are plenty of people around who know the city well and can help answer your questions about where to go and what to do.

What do I do / Where do I go once I've arrived at the hotel and settled in? 

You will receive a map & directions to the Courtyard (The Fringe Location) in your welcome pack via email a month prior to the start date. We recommend you ask the hotel to call you a taxi to get you to our venue; Dubai taxis are quick, reliable and cheap, and are the best way of getting around the city. Registration for the Festival is from 5pm on Sunday 5th November; our Grand Opening will start at 8pm on the Main Stage of The Courtyard Playhouse.

I have a special request, who do I contact?

Send us a message via our Contact form or email kylie@dubaiimprofringe.org

Is there food available at the Workshop & Show Location?

During the day, there are two cafés less than 2 minutes away from The Fringe Location (The Courtyard) Tom & Serge as well as The Lime Tree Café, both serving a variety of hot and cold food. In the evening, restaurants and take away spots are available in The Times Square Mall, a 5 minute walk from The Courtyard. We will also have our own snack bar open all day and night for light snacks and refreshments.

Do you have volunteering opportunities?

We have plenty of opportunities for anyone who would like to volunteer on our Festival shows – from sound, lights, piano to Stage management, runners etc. Email kylie@dubaiimprofringe.org and let us know how you are interested in helping.

Is there alcohol available?

Alcohol is available at all restaurants and bars in the abundance of hotels around Dubai, including the hotels you will be staying at. Alcohol is not sold in grocery stores and is only available to residents with a permit in state-licensed liquor stores. If you want to BYO you can purchase a wide range of wines and spirits at the Duty Free at the airport on arrival. We do not have alcohol at our theatre. We will be going out to our favourite local bars for post-show drinks.

What about pork?

Pork is available at select Super Markets and restaurants, which will be highlighted in your welcome packs.

What weather should I expect?


Is Dubai safe?

Dubai is one of the safest places on the planet. Petty crime is almost nonexistent and harassment is rare; we recommend you buckle up in the back when you’re out and about in taxis though, as the driving can be a little erratic at times!

What do I have to know about local customs?

Dubai is a modern, liberal, and peaceful Middle Eastern city; the abundance of diversity of colour, culture and religion thrives amongst its residents and visitors. That said, consideration must be given to local laws and customs, both when performing and when you are out and about in the city. Information will be included in your welcome pack which we politely request you read and pay attention to. You can also watch this video which contains a useful set of ‘do’s and don’ts’
Please check our page http://dubaiimprofringe.org/dubai/ for more info and videos.

Do I have to get a visa?

Please see our page: http://dubaiimprofringe.org/dubai/

What accommodation options are available and is it included in any package?

What accommodation options are available and is it included in any package?
Accommodation isn’t included in any of our packages, however, we have partnered with a great hotel and a self-catering apartment, in order to give you a best-price option. Visit our page http://dubaiimprofringe.org/hotels/ for details and for a list of alternative options.

What about accessibility and inclusiveness?

The Festival aims to be open and accessible to everyone, providing a supportive and welcoming environment to people of all ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds, physical abilities, cultural views, orientations, religions and nationalities.

Our main theatre, The Courtyard Playhouse, is up a flight of stairs and unfortunately not accessible to wheelchairs. However, our workshop venues and outdoor stage are on the ground level and are therefore wheelchair accessible.

Drop us a line if you have any concerns.

Is there a Group Discount available?

Yes, if you are a group of 4 from an improv company, you will receive one free fringe pass which includes entrance to all shows and sightseeing. If you’re a group of 6 or more we will be happy to offer you a 20% discount on the total fees.

I am an iTi Member, do I receive a discount?

YES! All registered iTi members receive a 10% discount on their package. please contact us for the promo code. If you’re not sure, check with your group admin to find out if you are a current member.

Can you help with funding applications?

Hi, we are more than happy to assist in any way we can by providing letters or documentation about the Conference for your funding applications. Please drop us an email at kylie@dubaiimprofringe.org

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