Main Week Workshops take place from the 6 – 10 Nov from 9am – 1pm and 2pm – 6pm

If you’re taking the main Week Package, you need to choose ONE instructor from the morning sessions and ONE instructor from the afternoon sessions. You will be spending 12 hours with each selected instructor over the 6 day Fringe

Main Week Workshops Schedule PDF Download

Morning Session
Afternoon Session

Felipe Ortiz: Imagination to Poetry & Clown Techniques in Improvisation

Imagination to Poetry Through spontaneity games, impro exercises and specific movement techniques you will find how to discover and create imaginary objects and spaces and how to connect your imagination...
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Felipe Ortiz

Patti Stiles : Scenes that Matter – SOLD OUT!!!

This workshop explores stories grounded in humanity and reality that do not make it to the average impro stage. We live in a complex, complicated and extraordinary world. Humans do...
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Patti Stiles

Dan O’Connor: Genre and Narrative – Improvising using the narrative tools of great writers

Impro Theatre creates completely improvised, full-length plays in the styles of the world’s greatest playwrights, authors and composers. This workshop is about learning how Shakespeare, Chekhov, Rod Serling and Jane...
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Dan O’Connor


How do we start scenes with confidence, variety, vitality and clarity?  How do we start in the beginning, the middle, the end of something?  How do we make the most...
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Tim Orr

Rebecca Northan: Get Out of your Head! – SOLD OUT!

Rebecca will take you through a series of experiences (movement, visualizations, and painting) that will get you out of your critical, judgemental brain and plant you firmly in the centre...
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Rebecca Northan

Nadine Antler: Though the Fourth Wall & Stay Inspired

Though the Fourth Wall In this workshop it is all about connecting with your audience. Nadine Antler will work with you on creating a feeling that your show happens with...
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Nadine Antler

Steve Jarand: The Fascination of the Masks

What are the differences between good impro and great impro? Good acting and great acting? It lies somewhere beyond wit, charm and precision. Gain some insight into the origins of...
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Steve Jarand

Derek and Michi Flores: Painting Yourself into a Corner

Using a two teacher approach, Derek & Michi, target finding not only your authentic self on stage, but also help in unleashing your poetic voice. Using scene painting and ensemble...
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Derek and Michi Flores

Jun Imai: Zen Improv

According to Keith Johnstone, impro resembles Zen. We will explore being here and now moment to moment. Free yourself from ‘successes or ‘failure’; good or bad and right and wrong. Move...
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Jun Imai

Jacob Banigan: Bigger On The Inside – Short Form

When a scene is expected to be short, is it limited in scope? How big can a story grow in a few minutes? What are the limits and how can...
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Jacob Banigan

Joe Bill: Power Improv Toolkit – SOLD OUT

The focus of this workshop will be bringing the power of emotional depth and point of view to your improvised Characters and Scenes. We’ll work with understanding the vital differences...
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Joe Bill

Impro Theatre: Relax into not being Perfect, Space Objects & First Offers – SOLD OUT!

Relax into not being Perfect This workshop is about taking your time, being relaxed and being present to allow for the moments between the lines that allow for the magic...
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Impro Theatre
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