Lunch Lectures: A series of live lectures with internationally renowned special guests featuring audience Q & A

Dessert Discussions: Moderated podcasts & panels featuring three guests & audience Q & A

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Lunch Lectures

Company Culture: how to Run your Company?

Ensemble motivation and communication Inclusion, diversity and densitivity Handling difficult individuals

Finding the Balance: Teachers or Performers?

Identify your focus – teaching or entertaining? Working with skillsets: actor advancement vs. instructor development Are artistic integrity and making money mutually exclusive in impro’?

Is Keith Johnstone’s Work Outdated?

How far can we stray and still be playing Theatresports/ Maestro/ Gorilla? Do we still need to play these formats? What about the audience? Is it a presentation, education or...
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Homeless, Where can we Play?

The reality of the budget Facility management vs. art production Sponsors, patrons and funders – what’s the difference?

The Future of the Form: Neglecting Children?

Variations on youth outreach programmes Which content is important? International opportunities

Festivals of the Future: Why Bother?

Exploring new ground Budgets and planning Cost vs benefit

Diversity and Sensitivity

Who’s on your stage, and who isn’t? The challenge of a diverse audience Boys vs. girls


Developing an unscripted show Directing and rehearsal techniques A long-term ensemble
Impro Theatre

Improvising a full-length show, with an Audience member

Taking care of an audience member for 75+ minutes The need for scenography It’s not about you
Rebecca Northan

How to Disturb People with Ties

How can improvisers deal with business people? What are the expectations on both sides? The roles we play during the process of a corporate gig
Torsten Voller
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