Felipe Ortiz: Imagination to Poetry & Clown Techniques in Improvisation

Through spontaneity games, impro exercises and specific movement techniques you will find how to discover and create imaginary objects and spaces and how to connect your imagination with your body. Participants will be trained to allow their body to surprise them, taking them to unexpected places and a limitless source of creativity and inspiration.
06 Nov 2017
09:00 - 13:00

Felipe Ortiz: Imagination to Poetry & Clown Techniques in Improvisation

Imagination to Poetry

Through spontaneity games, impro exercises and specific movement techniques you will find how to discover and create imaginary objects and spaces and how to connect your imagination with your body. Participants will be trained to allow their body to surprise them, taking them to unexpected places and a limitless source of creativity and inspiration.

Clown Techniques in Improvisation

In this workshop we will explore where you hide your fear and your optimism. Through games, impro and clown exercises you will find a special way of connecting to the audience, and the faculty of living the present moment: right here, right now. This workshop is for improvisers or actors with some stage experience.

This workshop content will be covered by Felipe over 3 separate sessions of 4 hours each with the same group on 6, 7, 10 Nov Morning Session 9am-1pm.

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