Impro Lightbox – Franck Buzz

07 Nov 2017
19:45 - 20:45
Courtyard Playhouse Stage

Impro Lightbox – Franck Buzz

Mixing his experiences as professional improviser and former light designer, Franck BuzZ, with Thomas Ury’s support, imagined a show where lighting atmospheres, randomly associated to sound atmospheres, are the starting points of each new scene.

“I think about it as a gift for experienced improvisers,
a theatrical playground where we could feel free to play” Franck BuzZ

In order to provide variety, it combines all types of lighting sources, from candle to videoprojection. All the magic is in the choice of lightning energies, conceived so as to stimulate improv actors and encourage them to release their spontaneity.

IMPRO LIGHTBOX is played in different languages : mix of languages, international english, gibberish … and a lot of slence! Emotions, pictures, body language and relationships are universal!

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