The Dubai BAT – Joe Bill

07 Nov 2017
23:15 - 00:00
Courtyard Playhouse Stage

The Dubai BAT – Joe Bill

The BAT is an Improvised Play that takes place in the dark. It is kind of like a radio play but the story structure may be linear or non-linear and is completely improvised, based on an audience suggestion. It begins with a Soundscape/Overture by the cast that sets the stage for BAT to occur. The performers close their eyes as they perform in the dark and the audience is invited to close their eyes as well to highlight the audio experience into “Theater of The Mind”. There will be a glimmer of light on stage during the performance just in case the audience would like to “peek” at the performers in silhouette to see how they are “acting” while they speak and make sounds.

The BAT had it’s debut at The Kansas City Improv Festival in 1997 by the improv team Georgia Pacific (iO Chicago), under the direction of Joe Bill. It  has been performed all over North America, Europe, South Africa and Australia, at Festivals and in theaters, over the past 20 years. Joe Bill is proud to direct the Middle East debut of The BAT (The Dubai BAT!) at Arabian Nights in Dubai in this, the year of it’s 20th Anniversary.

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