Joe Bill: Power Improv Toolkit – SOLD OUT

07 Nov 2017
14:00 - 18:00

Joe Bill: Power Improv Toolkit – SOLD OUT

The focus of this workshop will be bringing the power of emotional depth and point of view to your improvised Characters and Scenes. We’ll work with understanding the vital differences in Playing for Truth and Playing for Funny & Short Form/Games vs. Long Form. Joe will include personal feedback and ideas for things that you can play with, going forward as new tools on your improv tool belt. Joe will also spend some time troubleshooting issues that YOU the improvisers bring to workshop in order to get to clarity or just recognise patterns to be broken. This workshop will perfectly augment ongoing study of Characters and Scene, Long & Short Form Improvisation, as well as benefit the Improviser that is currently performing or aspiring to perform with a team or group.

This workshop is part of the Main Workshop Schedule and consists of 3 x 4 Hour sessions on the 7, 8, & 9 Nov Afternoon Sessions from 2pm – 6pm.

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