Our Play: Patti Stiles and Joe Bill

08 Nov 2017
23:05 - 00:00
Courtyard Playhouse Stage

Our Play: Patti Stiles and Joe Bill

“OUR PLAY” features two internationally known impro teachers and performers. Patti Stiles (Melbourne) and Joe Bill (Chicago). The duo demonstrates that despite the differences in their impro styles, there are many more things that the Impro legends have in common which makes their show such a beautiful thing to see. Ultimately, the magnificence of the performance comes from their diverse approaches and the their ability to support each other fiercely.



Joe Bill who was taught by Del Close and Patti Stiles who was taught by Keith Johnstone created a show to explore the question “Are we so different as improvisers?” What they discovered was No and… Yes. What they discovered might run counter to popular thought. No the two schools are not so different, and Yes there are some differences. Through their vast experience playing in many different contexts, they have noticed some differences in tastes/preferences and each context comes with its own semantics. However, they’ve also discovered that players simply have different words for so many of the same ideas/principles.

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