Twilight Zone Unscripted – Impro Theatre

06 Nov 2017
19:45 - 21:45
Courtyard Playhouse Stage

Twilight Zone Unscripted – Impro Theatre

From the darkest corners of reality to the land of the unexplained, “Twilight Zone UnScripted” is a completely improvised show in the style of classic 60’s sci-fi television shows. Enter a dimension of pure imagination as the company starts with audience suggestions and creates new and completely improvised episodes at every performance.

“A transporting evening.  Watching Impro Theatre make up plays is like watching Cirque du Soleil perform acrobatics – a feat that expands the definition of human potential. As theater, this company’s work is consistently as good as anything you can see.  There’s not a better company of actors in Los Angeles, and Impro’s playwrights rank with their best contemporaries.  This Twilight Zone uses the key of imagination to unlock the future of theater.” – Stage and Cinema

“Spectacular!  Has to be seen to be believed. Impro Theatre’s production lives up to the inherent risk in storytelling, performing and ultimately creating something magical.” – EyeSpyLA

“Phenomenal!  A must see. Don’t miss the opportunity for a totally entertaining and stimulating evening of theater.  Rod Serling would be proud.”  – LA Examiner

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