Theatresports – Arabian Nights Ensemble

09 Nov 2017
22:00 - 00:00
Improv' Studio

Theatresports – Arabian Nights Ensemble

Theatresports™ is an improvisation show created by Keith Johnstone and developed at the Loose Moose Theatre.  The first official performance was held at the Pumphouse Theatre in 1977.

Theatresports™ could be defined as teams of improvisers competing for points. This is a simplistic definition.  It relates to what people see, but does not define what Theatresports™ actually is.  Theatresports™ is much more than a show structure.  It represents a philosophy and approach to improvisation.

Many groups may play a competitive improvised format, but few actually play Theatresports™.

Theatresports™ encourages performers to take risks while being good-natured. The components of the show (horn, basket, judges, challenges, teams, host, etc.) are there to support and encourage risk and allow improvisers to be fearless in their endeavour to create stories in the spontaneous moment.  It’s aims to create a theatre show offering a variety of stories ranging from the comedic to the dramatic.  It embraces stories of life, politics, religion, and love.  It challenges points of view; expresses opinions. It creates an evening of theatre that engages the audience in a way that makes them respond openly, as one might do at a sporting event, and has them thinking and talking about the performance afterwards.

Theatresports is a Participatory Show. You will be able put your name down to be cast the day before the performance.

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