Derek and Michi Flores

Main Week Workshops: Afternoon Sessions | Weekender Workshops: Option A

Derek and Michi Flores

Main Week Workshops: Afternoon Sessions | Weekender Workshops: Option A


Not only do Derek and Michi Flores bring over a combined 40 years of international experience, but also a varied range of skills from clown, character, lyrical storytelling, and club comedy to theatrical improvisation. Grounding themselves in good old fashioned “actor-ing” techniques Derek & Michi hope to use that base as a stepping stone to allow for a more freeing (dangerous) and chaotic (anchored) form of play. Interested in discovering the intersection between community, connection and comedy, and using a unique tag team teaching style these two offer an opportunity to crack open your joy nut.

Derek Flores

Beginning in 1988, Derek joined world renown improv training theatre Loose Moose Theatre Company under the eyes of internationally respected author and teacher Keith Johnstone. Applying the principles of ‘saying yes’, and ‘advancing narrative’ Derek became a street performer in 1991. Using the improv techniques he learned he parlayed them into a career that saw him travel to festivals in Adelaide, Christchurch, Halifax, Nashville, Orlando, Edmonton, and Edinburgh to name a few. Derek and two others, Eric Amber and North Darling, became known as The 3 Canadians.

Over 9 years Derek and The 3 Canadians developed four one-hour-long theatrical comedies that toured extensively culminating in a nomination for a London Television writing award at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and several sell-out seasons at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

In 2001 Derek moved to Toronto to pursue his acting career in tandem with advancing the notoriety of his new improv duo and festival MC favourites, Hot Nuts & Popcorn. Almost immediately upon relocating Derek Flores joined the famed Second City Theatre. Climbing the ranks from touring company to main stage cast Derek was a part of 4 main stage shows, 2 of which he helped co-write.

Early in 2006 Derek was hand picked to represent Canada at the World Improv Tournament in Germany during the World Cup. Creating The Canadian Shield, Derek and his two team mates secured first place out of a field of 16. After spending the summer in Europe teaching in various cities (Oslo, Rotterdam, Zurich), Derek Flores made the move to Wellington.

Within the first three months of his move Derek had won The New Faces competition at The San Francisco Bath House, and had been nominated as Best New Comer at the Wellington Comedy Awards.



More than just a stand up comedy show, Derek Flores’ Dude…I’m A Unicorn is a recovery in make believe; in storytelling simply as a means of expanding our imagination beyond the mundane or even the deeply meaningful.”

…offers the funny man the chance to play to his effervescent strengths.” Rip It Up, Adelaide
…Derek…is a virtuoso, riotously embodying some oddly afflicted and inventive characters.” The Adelaide Advertiser
…dynamic ball of Canadian cleverness…nothing quite so magic as improv done superbly and this was one such night.”

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