Franck Buzz

Weekender Workshops: Option B

Franck Buzz

Weekender Workshops: Option B


Co-founder and artistic director of IMPRO INFINI and SUBITO, the largest international impro festival in France.

Franck BuzZ enjoys playing free and organic improvisation and he likes to mix languages and cultural differences to share pleasure to be all together.

Franck was invited to perform and/or to teach in many places in France and Marocco, Wurzburg Festival 2013, IMPRO Berlin festival 2014, Roma Welcome festival 2014, Seattle UP festival 2014, Milano Mitico 2015, Halle Impronale 2015, Leuven Improovelicious 2016, Tampere FIIF 2016, Nancy 2016.

As a former light engineer, he created the format « Impro LightboX » where lighting atmospheres are the starting point of each new scene. “Impro LightboX” won a jury’s Trophy at the Impronale Festival in Halle (Germany) in 2015, after been played in Berlin and Roma, and before Belgium and France in 2016.

When Franck is not improvising, he likes to travel, do scuba diving, whale watching, meet other cultures and take impro lessons every day with his 1-year-old daughter.

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